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July 12th, 1944


12 July 44

My darling;

This is the second letter I’ve undertaken to write to you today. The other one is locked up in the office. Maybe it is a good thing as I received three letters. One dated 3 July from Saginaw, the other two dated 20 June & 24 June. With those two letters some things begin to patch up.

Tonight I’m duty officer again. Another all night run. It’s about midnight now and I’m sleepy. I ran about the area until ten thirty cause it was so light.

You say it has been warm at home. Wish I had a little of that heat. Its sure not too warm in this country. Everything is the same. Each day the same. So goes life in the European Theater.

Honey I was so damn lonesome this afternoon I started to write you a letter. It got locked up. You say you will give me two years over here. God knows Betty I want to come home sooner than that. I want to come now. Let’s pray and hope honey that I get home soon to you. After two years I won’t know how a married man acts. Honey I’ve got to get home sooner.

Be a good girl honey, you know I’ll behave over here. I’m no Lee so don’t be a Clem, that I understand she was during (Georgia) LA Maneuvers. Honey I miss you very much. These letters don’t amount to much, I know. But honey we are really restricted on what we say. Now I’m going to lay down on the deck and think of you. Sure wish you were with me -

All my love



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