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January 9th, 1945

The 9th brought little change although a movement very soon was growing increasingly probable.

9 Jan 45


Dear Janey;

Not much to write. I wrote Mom, Sis & Uncle Charlie. Are you surprised? I sure was surprise to be able to write so much.

I got six letters from you today two you wrote in November and four letters of 24 & 26 of December.

Cline has giving you some wrong information. Barber was not given the D.S.C. He was put in for it but he did not receive it. Cline sure gets ahead of herself.

Your two letters in Dec talk about Royal Oak, and sure didn’t contain real news. They were V-mail and written long hand.

Borcherding finally broke Larsen to a Private. He has tried to do it quite a few times without success. Well as soon as I found out about these I asked for him. Well he is holding a sergeant job for me now, and Betty he is doing okay. Larsen has always produced a lot for one, and I was really sorry to see this happen to him. I’m sure going to try and do everything for him. As yet he is still a private but after the first engagement I'll promote him. That will be the absolute hope I can give him.

Well every thing else is the same. I repacked my val-pak. I sure had a lot of questions asked about my blouse. Seems everyone thought I was going to Paris or some other place.

Well honey be good. I sure wish I could sleep with you tonight. Be good darling. Hope to see you soon.

All my love



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