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January 8th, 1945

On the 8th of January, Division Artillery ordered us to initiate recon in the sector north of Malmedy.

8 Jan. 45


No. 4

Dear Betty; Received your letter of 22 Dec. and your v-mails come a lot faster thru your regular air-mail. Last night I didn’t get a chance to write as my place was taken over as a night club. They played poker in here until two A.M. I went to bed and gave it up as a bad night. I didn’t get in the game for which I am happy for.

This has been a terrible day. A typical Michigan snow storm. There is about six inches of snow on the ground and the road is a sheet of ice.

I also attempted to dry all my clothing. Had my blouse and Pinks out for the first time in Europe. And I also put my bronze star metal on the blouse. I found my clothing in much better shape then I had expected.

Bill has had a bad cold lately - They put him to bed for a couple days and he seems okay now. Everyone seems to have his share of colds.

Had a nice shower today. Really seemed good to get clean again. Betty when I get a chance to take a shower now I take it. None of this delaying until the next day.

Everything the same with me. My only trouble is keeping warm and especially my feet. I sure wish I had some very heavy socks. The army doesn’t seem to have socks heavy enough.

Well honey this isn’t much of a letter, but as there isn’t much else to write I guess you’ll have to call it finished for tonight. I could say how much I miss you. That you know. These cold days I miss you more than ever. Be good - Maybe soon I’ll be home . Say hello to mom. Wish I could see her too.

All my love



This time I’m requesting

  1. Sour pickles

  2. Soda crackers (salted)

  3. Candy (chocolate)


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