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January 6th, 1945

6 Jan 45


No 3

My darling;

I’m going to write you this afternoon because if everything goes ok Phil, Klanaan, Meyers and myself are going to play bridge for the first time in the E.T.O.

Nothing new has happened that we know of. Sometimes I wish we had a radio so that I could hear more of the news.

I’m still waiting for my first letter addressed Captain. That will be the only way I’m sure you know that it finally happened.

Received another box of candy from mom. She sent it 21 Sept. and it sure was in good shape and sure could stand for some more. This becomes a request. Also honey what about some dates and Schwartz says to mention sending some Boston Bake Beans. Honey don’t send fruit, such as pineapple, peaches etc. I can get that from the kitchen.

Everyone is home with the Batallion now. And I sure have a lot more to do. Only there is so many officers I can do a pretty fair job of handing out all the details. At least I’ve been pretty good at it so far.

Today I received the Sept 21 & Nov 13 copy of life Magazine. Honey be good - I love you so much. And I’m feeling a lot more rested today then yesterday. But I’m still going to bed early regardless. Hope this is over soon.

All my love



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