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January 2nd, 1945

The 2nd of January was even more quiet, a total of only 46 rds being fired the entire day. At 1300, recon parties went out to recon for positions in an assembly area near Filot, Belgium. The 3rd Armored Div who planned to attack south thru the 75th Div, started to move into positions all around us.

Jan 2, 1945

My darling;

There isn’t much to report. We had a fairly nice New Year. Had a large dinner about the same as we had at Thanksgiving. And it sure lacks a lot from last year.

Well honey, it doesn’t seem to be very different now that I’m a Captain. I guess that does away with ever being asked to act as a forward observer. That was the only thing I really worried about. Milner has been fairly nice to me so that really helps out. So far Shirley has been also. Thank God.

Honey, I’m in no mood to write a letter tonight. What I would really like to do is come home, eat a good meal and have an evening with you. I’ll be damn glad when this war is over. So you will be able to get me to go on any kind of an outing. I’ll also be glad to tell you about many things. You've heard some wonderful stories but if you only knew the truth. Your husband feels different. We can’t say because of censorship. Things have been different.

All my love,



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