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January 28th, 1945

Jan 28


My darling;

This is the first time in a long long time that I have been alone. And it sure feels funny. But it seems good also.

Today is Sunday. Just another day for us. One thing everyone is sweating out is the mail situation. I have received Jan 4 letter, or should I say V-mail, yesterday. It has been a long time since Christmas since you wrote a letter. They have all been V-mail, hand-written. Please write me a good letter.

I guess it will take two full months before your letter will come addressed as Captain. Sure didn’t think it would take that long.

Bill hasn’t received many letters from Kay either. So I haven’t any news from that direction.

I could think of a dozen different ways to spend the afternoon if I was home. I believe that best would be laying in the middle of the living room floor, keeping warm. And for sure I bet you wouldn’t be there with me. You would get yourself rolled up in a chair knitting or reading, and probably listening to the radio also. Just the same I’ll be damn glad when all that can happen.

Larson is doing a good job for me, as he has always done. I believe he will receive the bronze Star for his action the other day. I’m not sure. It really was a shame what Borcherding did to him.

Honey I wish I could think of something to write. But I just can’t get my thoughts together to write anything. I guess all I want to do is sit, look out the window and think of home and every thing.

The mail just came in. Received a box of Philadelphia Candy from mom and box #17, dated the 7th from you. Was I surprised to get a can of Pork Sausage. Please don’t send anymore of that. Now those Ripe olives are just the thing. They are about ½ gone now. Also you sent cheese & noodle soup. Thank a lot honey, but please send some more olives green or ripe.

Well darling I’m going to call it all for tonight. I sure wish that good letter would arrive. Maybe tomorrow. Be good - I miss you terrible. I wonder if the Russians will get the war over for us.

All my love



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