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January 20th, 1945

At 0730 on the 20th, the attack jumped off from the general line Montenau--Elvange--Ebertange. The attack went well and not much arty support was called for, a total of only 578 rds being fired throughout the day-- mostly TOT’s. Reconnaissance was immediately started by the Arty for forward positions and surveyed positions were prepared at AmKreux. Night fires were instituted and a fire plan submitted to support TF Seitz attacking Auf Der Hardt woods at 0400 in the morning.

20 Jan 45

My darling;

I still haven’t written you that letter I promised yesterday. Been out working a lot the last few days. As for the weather it is cold and about 15 inches of snow. Last couple of nights it has blowed a lot so we have a lot of drifts.

Not much else in the way of news. I’m going to tell you about my pup. It got hit the other day by artillery and did I ever lose a lot of stuff. I’m sending you the book Private Berger so you will have a souvenir of my first hit.

Stump was just here for his evening visit. He seems to come each night. Sure surprises us all as he never did this before I had the battery.

Well darling, be good. I’ll be much more happier if I would receive some good mail Haven’t received any for about four days. Those cold nights call for someone else to sleep with you. Sure wish I would have you for me as nobody else can do.

All my love


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