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January 19th, 1945

Work went ahead on the fire plan on the 19th. We were to support CCA in 3 task forces, Wemple, Rhea, and Seitz with objectives Diedenburg and Aur Des Hardt woods. The attack was to jump off at 0730 the following morning. The ammunition trains were ordered up.

19 Jan 44

My darling;

Honey this is a very short letter. I’m going to write you another this afternoon if everything is ok. First I want to tell you, I’m alright, but I want you to remember yesterday's date. I’m sending you the Private Berger book you sent me for Xmas. It's sure going to surprise you when you see it. I’ll tell you about it in person, per censorship regulations, So don’t ask for any more information on that.

Sure hope I get some mail today. Got a package from Sis yesterday. Contained Sardines. I have never eaten them.

Mail is going out, So will write later today. Be good -

All my love



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