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January 16th, 1945

There was little new on the 16th. The final touches were put on the fire plan from a detailed study of both the cca plan of attack and the fire support possibilities of division artillery in conjunction with Corps Artillery .

16 Jan 45


My darling;

Received your 28 Dec letter today. Just another short note. I sure wish I would get a nice long letter from you. My morale is sure at a low edge this day.

Today we heard the write up that the division got for Saint Vith. At the end they said after five days the division withdrew to a rest area. Well honey the rest area was about ten miles back and we were in action just six hours after we left there. Do you call that a rest area?

Betty I was so damn mad yesterday about your letters, I went over and visited Lee today. I sure explain to him about writing Cline that. Told him not to belittle everything. I sure trusted him the same when he got his Captaincy. I wish you would write Cline and set her straight on that. For once I thought you would be happy I got one first. (For a change)

Well Janey watch the news. You should be reading something about us again.

Today I didn’t do very much. Change every bit of my clothing and sure feel better for it. Got out my last uniform I have from the states. It doesn't even have a patch on it. Wish you were here. Have got a lot of sewing to do.

Now another thing. About four days ago I lost my dog tags that had your ring on it. I look high and low and could not find it anywhere. Well today I found them in my blouse pocket. Was I ever glad to find them. Mostly because of your ring. I sure want to be able to put that ring back where it belongs. You sure pulled a fast one on me that night you put it on my didn’t you?

Honey one of the queer things about this job of mine is keeping eight officers busy. And can’t you see me in charge of two airplanes. Well I am. But Janey the officers and men are very nice to work with except Shirley - And you know him.

Well I better close and get things going. They say we may move and I sure don’t want that. But if they do. I got to be ready. Be good Janey and please write a long nice letter. I need one bad -

All my love



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