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January 13th, 1945

The next day, the 13th, was spent in working out a detailed fire plan for the support of CCA. The 275th Armd Field Arty Battalion was to reinforce our battalion. At 2030 that night, the battalion received the Div Arty order to move into firing positions at Gdoumont, northeast of Malmedy. We were to support the 1st Infantry Division prior to the attack by the Seventh.

13 Jan 45

My darling;

This is going to be a short letter as I’m very tired. I haven’t got much sleep in the last few nights.

Got a pretty good set up now. Sure can’t count on it to last very long. Sure wish we could get to a rest camp for about two weeks.

Your letter of 26 Dec came today. AV-Mail hand written doesn’t give too much information but I take for granted you had a good time X-mas in Detroit. Sure hope you wasn’t with Clem for New Years Eve. I’m afraid she would get a little wild and I wouldn’t like to have you in that mess.

Had chicken and dressing for supper tonight. Asked for a spice cake but they had trouble so was out of luck. Maybe I’ll get some cake tomorrow.

This isn’t much of a letter, but it will have to do. I’m going to bed now. 7:00 P.M. So I should get about twelve hours sleep. I miss you a lot honey -

All my love



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