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It's All Pedantic

It was a restless night's sleep

Every cycle's repetition into REM

Left me debating the same question

Should I use the word




I didn't even have a use case

I don't know whether I was trying

To disparage someone else

Or myself

Unconscious agony over the right word

I woke up wet with sweat

Worried that my words

Are limp, loose and useless

I raced to my car shirtless

Tore out of the driveway

And headed east with the windows down

Oklahoma dust drifted in and clung to my damp skin

Mud drying into a dark brown cake

Which the wind popped off in pieces

Over the next thirty minutes

I drove into the dawn

Staring at light's birth until I went blind

Swerving off the highway

Burrowing my car in the nameless brush

That litters the landscape of Western Oklahoma


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