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February 7th, 1945

The impressive total of 2914 rds were fired on the 7th, mostly on TOTs and on extremely heavy all-night program of harassing and interdiction about Achmidt. St Judson Douglas went out as a liaison to the 307th FA Bn who we were to reinforce til such time as they were able to register.

Feb 7, 1945


Dear Betty;

A little delay in your mail again but I was very happy to receive your air-mail containing the pictures. Betty that letter was worth ten of your V-mail. I say again please don’t write any V-mail for letters, they just don’t work.

Notice the new heading. That has held me up about mail. So if you could tell mom not to worry that I’m okay and will write her the first break we have. I sure hope this is the last drive. The papers have rumors of peace terms today. I hope the Germans accept them.

Betty send me anything you have in the way of food. I sure like that soup you sent but please don’t send me any noodle soup.

Janey I’ve had some wonderful dreams of you lately. Sometimes it is better for you not to be here while some of these dreams go on. And then there is sometime I sure wish I could have you. Guess I’ll just have to wait.

Stilma was on a 30 day leave to the states. Also home are two other men from HQ.

Well Janey this is short I know. Be good. I love you so very much. And don’t worry I’m okay.

Oh yes. I said I was going to send that book home you sent me for Xmas. Well George threw it away. I tell you why I was going to send it to you. It had a piece of shrapnel through it. No, Janey I wasn’t in the jeep when the shell hit. But I lost a lot of equipment. Thank god not me or your picture. I love you -

All my love


P.S. Send enclosure on to your Aunt & Uncle

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