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February 2nd, 1945

The 2nd was also quiet, the only event during the day being a USO show in the afternoon. However, at 1800, the battalion was alerted for a possible movement under a task force in the morning. The battalion reconnaissance and Batter Commanders parties were to leave very early the next day to reconnoiter the new position area.

2 Feb 45


Dear Betty;

Received some V mails again today. I received four yesterday and three today. Betty please start writing me letters again. V-mails are getting to be a disappointment. They don’t contain enough. You never mention anything about us. See what you can do about it.

Honey I’m a little cooled off about Clem, but just the same I’m not excited for you to go back to visit her. I have my reasons, and I think you know what some of them are. I heard two many stories of her carrying on. Please honey don’t do the things which everyone says Clem is doing. Think it over darling.

I told you how I got the aluminum in West Holland before. I sure hope it was in good condition when you received it. Betty some time ago you said Lee sent Clem many packages. Honey I send you everything that I can find that I think you like. You made a crack about perfume that just burned me up. I have sent you some. You should receive it about your birthday. If there is anything you want let me know. I’ll sure try and get it and send it to you. I hope you understand what I’m trying to write.

Borcherding got a metal about a week later than I did for the same work. This is answering one of you questions you asked me.

I can’t understand why my v-mail about my promotion didn’t notify you first. Milner notified me about nine in the morning and I wrote you the short v mail and got it out in that morning’s mail. Guess I just can’t ever get the news to you on time. The fellows were glad I got promoted, especially Bill & Penny. Borcherding was very nice about it. Shirley told me about a week before it came through that it was in. That sure made me sweat it out.

About income tax, I’m not worrying. I didn’t think we have to pay any and for sure we don’t have any rebate this year. If we get forms over here I’ll fix it up, so don’t worry about it.

Now for myself. I’m okay, still the same as I left the states. We have had three days of beautiful weather. Reminds you of early March, your birthday time plus our 3rd anniversary. All the snow is now gone so we now take off our white or what was white snow suits.

Borcherding has come down to visit tonight. Right now we are both writing our wives. Sure wish you were here.

Well Janey I guess this will be all for tonight. Not too much to write about. Oh yes. I got perfume for both Mom & Sis that I’m sending tomorrow. Let me know what they say.

How would you like to wake and find your head on my right shoulder? Honey I want to come home. Please arrange it some how -

All my love



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