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February 25th, 1945

The 24th and 25th were both quiet days. A forward observer, Lt Samuel D. Haas of B Btry was sent to join the 78th Division at Steckerborn. A route and position reconnaissance was conducted in the vicinity of Bergstein, a new move being expected shortly.


25 Feb 45

My darling;

Three years ago today I sure wish I could have turned the clock back at noon today. Lt. Hayes had a bottle of Champaign and he came in about ten minutes to twelve and offered me a drink on our wedding anniversary. I took it. Betty I’ll be home for the next one. Last year I was on that seven day problem if you remember that.

Received two letters, Feb 4th & 5th. One airmail the other V-mail. Also one from Sis dated 12 Feb. So I got her’s a full week before your letter.

Honey I’m glad you have something to do. And also that everything is going so swell for you and the church choir. This time I mean it, but honey you always say “They think I’m wonderful darling”. Well Janey, remember I think you’re more than "wonderful" and I sure want you to remain wonderful for me alone. Selfish ain’t I. But that's what I want. Honey one question. What would you do about the choir if I came home? Now honey please give me the truth.

I’m beginning to wonder when you stay home. You tell me you go to this meeting or that. Where is all the gas coming from?

Now to tell you the story of my jeep. We were in a small town named Steinbeck which is between Malmady and St Vith. I was looking for a place to set up in. What I wanted was a basement because of the artillery fire. Well I just got in the house and the shell came in. I didn’t think anything about it so continued to look around. When I came out my jeep was burning. I lost everything I had in the rear of the jeep. Also had three tires flattened. Now I’ll draw a picture of it.

Well honey be good. There isn’t anything more to say. I could say a lot more but you know what that would be. If I was home could we start married life where we began, or where we left off? I love you very very much Betty. Write me a super letter honey.

All my love



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