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February 23rd, 1945

The 23rd saw the opening of the large-scale 1st and 9th Army attack across the Roer in the sector to our direct north. Our own immediate front remained quiet with only a limited number of harassing missions being fired, 149 rds in all. Lt Col Milner returned from Div Arty and re-assumed command of the Bn.


23 Feb 45

My darling;

Well I’m back in the saddle again. I’ll start from where I left off in the last letter.

Chris, Penny & I went and saw another show that evening. Saw “Greenwich Village.” It was a pretty good show. Well when we get back, we had a message from Stump to return to the Battalion. So the next morning we came back. On the way we cut up a tire and I got a new one from Borcherding so everything is alright. We came back through Aachen. Honey that place should become a German national memorial. It is about the size of South Bend and it is completely in ruins. They will never be able to rebuild that town.

Well when we got here Stump didn’t want us after all. He just said he thought it would be a good idea if we returned. That is why he sent for us.

Today was a beautiful day. Sunshine most of the time. Received a V-mail dates 3 Feb, College and Borden news. Not much news in any of them.

Tomorrow I’ve got to arrange for another dinner. And damn it I’ve got nothing to work with. Some times I’m given to god awful assignments. I guess it goes with this Battery. Also had quite a talk with the men today. Had to lay down the law again to some. Just part of the job.

Well honey that is all for today. I sure wish I could turn the clock back 3 yrs. I’d do anything to be home the 25th and 3rd. Don’t worry honey. I’ll be thinking of you very much on both these days. I really don’t know how I can though, you're all I think of now.

Be good Betty. I sure need you very badly. Can you figure some reason for me to come home?

All my love


P.S. Send me some Colgate Shaving Cream. I can’t get it over here. Put a toothbrush in there too.

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