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February 21st, 1945

The weather took a turn for the better on the 21st. Some missions were fired thru Div Arty, 369 rds being expended.


21 Feb 45

My darling;

I received your letters of Jan 29 (#96 thru #98) 30 & 31. In your Jan 29 you answered my letter which I wrote when I was quite mad at you. Your answer was very nice honey but please don’t go up to Saginaw any more. Lee has said many things about that new year eve party and for sure has mentioned your name with it. One of them is sure that Clem was so drunk that when she came home she had a laughing gag and wrote Lee a letter at 0500 in the morning that nobody could make sense out of. Betty I think you know I mean I’m not dictating to you your home. I am here and with this much difference in space the only thing that can hold us together is our love and faith in one another. This I should never doubt and surely by this time you know my love in you. I surely hope & pray darling that I will never do anything to make you ever lose faith or love with me. You are all that I really have. What good would anything that I now have be without you? Nothing.

Yesterday Penny, Donovan and myself talked ourselves into a little rest. We have two very nice rooms one we use for sleep the other for reading, writing and listening to a radio I got from one of the enlisted men. Betty you don’t realize how good it seems to be here. No officer’s calls, no telephone, no Shirley, no nothing. I can just sit here and listen to the radio and write. God knows it's been some time since this was last possible. The only thing about this is when I think of you so much & get the blues. I’ll be damn glad to get home, you will never get away from me when I get there. Privacy that will be the thing of the past when I arrive. Damn it, I got to get on something else.

Now more about this place. The old man takes care of our fire, so no work there. The old lady works all our meals, we furnish the food, and we are having them eat with us, Betty the food situation over here is very bad for the civilian. For some you feel sorry, and then others you wouldn’t care if they died from starvation. We have had some pretty good meals. But no real meat or any pie or cake. Guess I need your cooking too honey.

Last night we went to town and saw the show “Till we meet again.” It is the first show I have seen in a theater since we were in New York together. After the show we went to a block market shop and had steak, yes, and potato chips. The steak was very small, but at least it was steak. 85 francs was the cost.

Today I bought you two decks of French playing cards. I’ll send them to you as soon as I get them wrapped.

Meyer got his promotion to 1st Lt. Sure glad he did. He was a 2nd Lt for some time.

Did I tell you in my last letter that I received the Captain bars. Thanks a lot honey. If you see any more I would appreciate it cause I can’t seem to get them over here.

Betty do you think approx $300.00 is enough for the checking acct. You know how much you draw out by check each month, we’ll keep about three hundred more then that in checking. The rest can be put to savings. Use your own judgement. But you might as well get it started.

Last night while at the show someone got in my pup and took about ¼ lb a candy covered cherries and those Hershey mom sent me. I was sure mad, but what can you do about it.

Well darling, I must close. Sure wish we were living together again. Be good, say hello to both moms and Mr. Hubbard.

I’ll bet I dream of you tonight, I had nothing on my mind today but Betty Jane Ginther.

All my love


P.S. Request: Wrap yourself up darling and come over here to me.


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