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February 18th, 1945

On the 18th, the weather turned definitely colder and it started to rain again. A red Cross Cubmobile came out to serve coffee and doughnuts and church services were held in the afternoon. Lt Col Milner was called up to Div Arty to assume command of that organization while Colonel Orville Martin was on leave in Paris and Major Robert C Stump took over the Bn.


18 Feb 45

My darling;

One week from today we will have our third Anniversary. I sure wish I could be home for that. This morning when I woke up all I could think of was you. Guess it must have been the Sunday morning blues.

What do you think of the clipping?

I sent home the written citation on my award. You should get it about the same time as this letter.

Your air mail of Feb 1st arrived ahead of your 28 Jan V-mail. I was glad Anderson wrote you a letter. I wrote him a letter some time ago. Sure hope he received the letter.

Today I received the two sets of bars you sent. Thank Rena a lot for me. So far I haven’t been able to buy any. Borcherding gave me two pairs at two different times. He sure cooperates with me up here. At least I get what I ask for from him. That is something better than Wagner does for me.

I tried to get the pictures yesterday but they weren’t ready. I sure hope they get them done soon so I can send them to you. I’m sure you want them.

Everything seems to be going okay. The weather has gone haywire again. Mud & mud, that is all you can see. Sure wish it would freeze or dry up. There isn’t a thing you can do in this kind of weather. I want to repaint a vehicle in the Battery. So I'm really hoping for another good day.

Well Janey that is all for tonight. You know how I feel about this whole damn war. And you know I want to come home. I sure will take a bath when I got home. It has been nearly three weeks since I had one. Do you think I should take a bath while the weather is so cold?

Be good darling - I need you badly. Especially next Sunday - I love you more than you ever could realize -

All my love


P.S. - A request for any foods you think of sending.


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