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February 15th, 1945

The weather finally cleared and the 14th and 15th turned out to be the first two fine days we had seen since the beginning of the month. The men in the Bn rested and performed the necessary maintenance in the field. A limited number of missions were received, 36 and 100 rds being fired respectively on the two days.


Feb 15

Dear Betty;

I’m back again. This time I’ll try to write you a fairly decent letter.

The last two days have been wonderful. Consequently I took some 24 pictures. I’ll see if I can get them developed in a hurry and send you a complete set. Yes honey I saw sure that there was some of me. Also got some of Bill and one of Bill & myself. Sure hope you like them.

The sun was out all day. And it was just as warm as it could be. Gee, it was just like a May Day at home.

The division book is out. I’m sending that home tomorrow. I’ve still got Mom’s & Bev’s perfume. Sure wish I’d get enough time to wrap it up.

I finally found out what a vascinator is. I sure had a hard time finding out, but I know now. Please tell me about those new things.

Everything is the same. Shirley becomes almost unbearable at times. He always talks about what he would do. And he always wants something. And he knows damn well you can’t get it for him.

Betty I’m going to call it quits for tonight. The other night I dreamed that the war was over and we were together. The funny thing about it all was you & I were together when the war was over. I sure hope that isn’t so, cause I sure have no idea when this war is going to be over, and I don’t plan on being home before that.

Be good darling. I’m thinking of you every minute even though I don’t write. Hope you are writing air-mails now in place of V-mail -

All my love



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