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February 11th, 1945

On the 11th, the battalion billeting parties were sent out to check their old billets in Verviers, a movement to the rear being expected. At 1330, Div Arty placed the 489th in direct support of a Ranger Bn who were planning a small scale attack across the Roer and onto a peninsula jutting out into the artificial lakes formed by the dams. The Liaison Officer and the three battery RO’s moved to join the supported unit, but at the last moment the attack was called off. The night firing continued, 1961 rds being the total. The week had accounted for a greater ammunition expenditure than at any time since the battalion had first landed in France. There was no retaliatory fire from the enemy.


Feb 11, 1945

My darling;

Sgt Fogilphol the mess Sgt says if you will send me some banana powder and some graham crackers that he will see I get a graham cracker banana cream pie. Please see what you can do about getting me some.

Betty I got a couple more V-mails from you yesterday. I guess by now you know I like regular mail better.

There sure isn’t much to report. Everything seems to be going fine. At times things get a little rough but that is expected of a HQ Battery. It all depends on Milner’s feelings.

One thing honey since I came up here I’m not the same with the officers, speaking mostly of Lt.s, that I know. Now I say something and expect to have it done without a single question asked. I know they think I’m queer, but Janey you just can’t tell them why all the time so I just stop explaining anything I do. This way I’m having my own way with the battery and it sure seems good. The men also know who is boss around here. If I’m wrong Milner can tell me so, but not one single battery officer. Sounds tough, but that is the way I have to be.

Well Janey, I guess that is all for tonight. I sure wish the Russians would continue to come this way and we would come on home.

Be good darling, I have to see, hold & love you. I’ll be home before long - I hope -



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