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December 8th, 1944

Enemy shelling continued throughout the 8th. Both the Ln planes and the Ln peep were slightly damaged by shell fragments. The planes were moved to the Div Air Strip for greater protection. At 1300, we prepared a survey so that the 40th Tank Bn could fire indirect fire from positions to our rear. At 1600, Lt Col Milner brought back the Div Arty Fire Plan for defensive fires and also plans for an artillery preparation opening the way for infantry and tanks to seize Brachelin.

8 Dec. 1944


My Dear Mrs. Ginther -

We are sitting somewhat comfortably situated in our little tent. Jack and Bill Zabrinskie and I are really enjoying your packages very much. It just seems like you always know what to send. The canned chicken was really very delicious and all of us are looking forward to opening the second can. Jack keeps saying “When in h--- are you fellows going to get some packages” and we really can’t give him an answer!. It just seems that he gets two packages to our one - But - the time will come and one day we will just swamp him him with our packages--

Again a million thanks for the swell packages

Sincerely George

P.S. Remember on B’way and 48th street. I met you just as you and Jack were turning the street - .


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