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December 6th, 1944

The 6th saw a complete lull. No missions were fired whatsoever. Lt Donald J Stelma, Tec 4 Rex E. Cheshire, and Sgt Leo T. Petroski left for a 30-day leave of absence in the States as a reward for work well done.

Germany Dec 6, 1944

My darling;

The eve before Pearl Harbor. Do you remember three years ago tomorrow? That was some Sunday dinner after we heard that Japan had started the war. Well darling maybe this will be over soon. I sure hope so.

There isn’t much to report. Everything is the same. I sure want you to write Clem and let her know that for once I received the Bronze Star Metal before her husband. That will get her for sure.

Mom wrote and said you had taken grandma to Grand Rapids for the winter. I hadn’t received any news of that. Is that so?

Betty what do you think of putting some money in a savings account in Galien. If you think it’s a good idea do so. I sure don’t like to carry too much in a checking account. In saving you draw a little interest not much but it would probably be better. If you do, do that, I want it joint with me. You can use the Power of Attorney to do that. Let me know your decision. Honey I’m going to close. Be good. I love you and will continue to take good care of myself so I can return the same to you.

All my love



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