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December 30th, 1944

The relief took rather longer than anticipated, and it was not until 0900 on the 30th that the supported units moved into XVIII Airborne Corps Reserve at Harze. The 489th, now under Division Artillery control, remained in position in general support of the 75th Division. The enemy was given no rest. 1,213 rounds were fired throughout the day and night on harassing missions.

30 December 44


My darling;

Another couple days have gone by since I wrote you. But from all indication I’ll be able to write more often.

Well honey to start with our new home is very nice. Everyone is now in houses, even our kitchen. By having the kitchen in a house I can get a quite a lot of baking done.

One of the main trouble with this set up is too many officers spend their free time in what I call my office. Well anyway if that's what they want that's what they will get.

Boy I got a royal screwing this afternoon. They sent me a high ranking non-com in the meantime I didn’t need him. While another battery does. I sure didn’t appreciate that. But it is done, so that is that.

Honey I have received many packages the last few days. Seems a box of Phil candy in every box. Betty you really don’t know how good that candy is. I’m not trying to hog it all either. I have shared each box I have received with many officers. Milner is almost ashamed to accept any more from me. He surely likes his candy. And every evening he has spent at least two or three hours with us.

Stump is having trouble. He wrote to everyone to send him coffee. And he must now have 25 lbs of coffee. He is trying to trade it off and nobody will give him any kind of a deal.

Well honey there isn’t much more to write about. I’m glad that you could write Clem and tell her at least your husband has received the Bronze Star and received a promotion. In regards to the Bronze Star Clem was writing about. That is small stars that are place in your European Theater of Operation Ribbons that we got while we were in England. According to my understanding we are now authorized two of these stars. Now honey don’t take that as being so, because nobody seems to know for sure. At least I don’t know.

Be good darling, I love you so. I sure wish I was on my way home now. Maybe soon we’ll be home. I sure wish so. Have a “Happy New Year” And may God watch over us both.

All my love



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