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December 27th, 1944

The Germans tried to reorganize in order to take back the town of Manhay. PW reports indicated that all major attempts at a counterattack were smashed in infancy by the continued pounding of the massed guns. Our battalion, alone, fired 2,015 rounds.

27 December


My darling,

It has been some time since I last wrote you honey. If you have been following the news you can guess what we have been doing. Also notice the new address.

Xmas, what a day. I had K-ration this time. The only thing that turned out nice was I received five packages. All from you. So in 3 days I have received six pounds of candy. Four from you, two from Aunt Ruth in Detroit and tea, corn, soup, etc. I made up a Xmas supper from these packages so at least I had a little Christmas with you.

On Dec 24 at 8:30 P.M. I opened your Xmas package. A Private Berger book and also a puzzle. Well anyway I played with it. Also the picture holder. As yet I haven’t put the picture in the new holder, but will do when things quiet down.

Everything and everyone is okay. And there isn’t much new to write about. At least one thing is nice and that is to be a Captain. They don’t think of you any different for any of this detail which is hard.

Betty, I’m sorry I lost all your letters in this rat race, so I don’t have any letters which to answer.

Betty, I want to tell you about X-mas eve and day but can't. This I can honestly say. I miss you more than anything I know. As I went to bed that night I could only think of one thing. So that night my sleep was very little. It was also noticed by Hayes a Lt in the battery. Betty he is one of the best fellows I ever worked with. He never once tries to break you. He always works with me to the end. I have even gone so far to ask Milner to promote him. But getting back to you. I hope that by next year I’m home for Xmas, Stills was lucky enough to make it this year. He met the requirement of double decorations.

Well be a good girl & keep your fingers crossed. Pray I keep the good luck I’ve got. And maybe we will see each other soon. I love you so very much -

All my love



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