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December 1st, 1944

The first of Dec found the Battalion still in position in the sugar-beat field along the road between Immendorf and Pullendorf, Germany. The day was a fairly active one with “A” and B Companies of the 40 Tank Battalion repulsing a counter-attack in their sector north-east of Lindern. The 489 fired 1800 rds in direct support of the tankers, and their fires were reinforced by the 434 and 440 FA Battalions. Around lunch, there was some slight enemy air activity over our area -- 4 enemy planes -- which was met by a considerable volume of ack-ack. At dark, Immendorf to our north-east was heavily shelled, a few rds landing in C Btry area. A and C Co of the 40 were relieved and moved back in Corps Reserve to Ubach. We remained in direct support of B Co of the 40 holding Lindern with infantry of the 84 Div. At 2400, the ammunition expended for the day was 2144 rds.

Dec 1, 1944


My darling;

You can see by the heading that I have a new home. Well honey there isn’t a single home left in this country. As soon as you leave Holland you can tell where Germany begins.

Tonight I have a hole in the ground about four feet deep with my pup tent put over the top for shelter. It is a fairly desolate home if I say so myself. At least I would rather be here than in a German house.

Betty you should have or you will receive a letter from the war department. Don’t be afraid it’s only a letter telling you that I have received the Bronze Star. I got it for keeping supplies up to the Battalion coming thru France, Belgium, & Holland. You will probably receive the citation. I have never seen it, so just keep it and let me know what it says.

Enclosed is a write up from the Stars & Stripes telling what the unit has been doing. Now maybe you will understand a few more things.

Enclosed also are two money orders. One for $38 which Stup said to send with his compliments. And the other for $10 from the Borden Company. You can take that for your Christmas.

Well honey this is all for tonight. I’ll sure try and write again tomorrow & in the meantime I hope I receive a letter from you.

All my love


Honey did you receive a $72 dated Oct 22? You never have mentioned it.


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