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December 16th, 1944

The 16th turned out to be an extremely active day and a foreshadowing of things to come. At 0630, the Germans attacked near Wurm, and the 489th supported the 84th Inf Div in repelling it. 1st Lt Jack M. Ginther, Hq Btry CO, received his promotion to Captain. The Bn CO, Lt Col Milner, went to a Unit CO’s meeting at Civ Tac Hq at which plans for a quiet Christmas in our present location were discussed. Then with total unexpectedness, the order came from Div Arty, BE PREPARED TO MOVE ON ONE HOUR NOTICE TO THE VICINITY OF VIELSALM, BELGIUM BY 0800 TOMORROW.

16 Dec 44 Germany,

My darling

Well honey it finally happened. Yes from now on you can address my letters Captain. It came thru this morning. My date of rank is 12 Dec. 44. Now Janey get me some bars and send them first class Send about four pair will you. Milner called me in and said that I had been altogether a different officer since I returned from Tennessee. The real difference was I didn’t have anyone knifing me, every time I turned around.

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a little party in my tent. I had a bottle of Vat 69 Scotch that I got in Holland. And we drank all that. Also played a little cards. Really had fun and won about $17.00. I’m sure to be a drinking rounder when I get home. But you know I won’t.

Borcherding gave me a set of bars until I could gets some so I’ll be changing them every time I have to put on a different outer garment. I sure wish I could be home now. With my promotion, birthday & Christmas, we could have some fun. I’m writing Mom tonight also telling her the news. I’ll tell you, tell Aunt Ruth as I wrote her last night. Be good -

All my love



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