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December 13th, 1944

On the 13th, the 83 Armoredd FA Battalion established Ln with us. 200 rds of ammo were expended.

13 Dec 44


My darling;

I sure feel good tonight. I received five letters from you. From Nov 27 to Dec 1. Honey it makes you feel a lot better to get mail.

To begin with here is the order of my Bronze Star. Keep it for me will you. I hope this award made up for some of the disappointments of not receiving mail. Now if I can get one more thing I’ll feel real happy, or as happy as I can over here.

I also received a box from Aunt Ruth and a box of chocolates from Sis. Now both of them will get a letter from me.

Honey I’m in the Ninth Army. Somewhere in Germany.

Do you remember me telling you about a party I attended in which six languages were spoken. Well honey that was at Maastricht, Holland.

Those expenditures you asked for approval, well I may approve them. I’ll think about them tonight but they will have to be okay.

Everything has been okay with Major Shirley so far. Some times he asks for things which seem awful hard to do. You know the size of a CP tent. My pet peeve is to have dig in his CP tent. Now tomorrow he has borrowed another and has asked that I dig in.

You ask me if I was closer to the front. Well you know how far our guns fire. Well we have to be that close. Well before I was much further back.

Honey, as I said before you should receive three boxes of Aluminum. I sure hope you did. This aluminium was got at Weert, Holland. How I got it must remain a secret until after the war or until I can see you darling. This town of Weert was a large manufacturing center and Betty they had this stuff piled sky high. There is absolutely no shortage of aluminum in this country.

Honey this routine of mom and Ruth goes on forever. Every time they get together something happens. Just laugh it off and let it go at that.

Betty when I left the monastery about five of the fathers came out and thanked us for everything we did. They told us that they would say a daily prayer for our safe keeping, and if we ever wanted to return, to come, that they would be more than happy to have us.

No other news to write about. Guess all I can do is hope for this to end. Was great surprise to find Zane had gone to the Pacific. I am imagining how Ilene felt about it. Well Janey be good. I'll see you soon I hope.

All my love


P.S. Donovan won’t let me say it. Damn it.


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