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August 9th, 1945

9 Aug 1945

South of Frankfurt

(I’m closer to there now)

My darling;

Remember I said the 391st wanted a supply officer, well I’m it. I was transferred to them this morning. So my new address is Service Battery, 391st A.F.A. Battalion, A.P.O #253. Geo Schwarz is in this battery and many of my men are here too, so actually honey I like it much better than the 67th Field.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything until the evening, when they had an officer party at the 67th. At the event they showed the show “Something for the boys” It was a very poor show. This morning I spent reading American History, for want to do something. At eleven I was called in and told to report to the 391st. So this afternoon I spent doing that.

This evening Captain Shelton and myself went to the show. Saw “When the Angels Sing” It seemed to be a better show than last night, but still not to very good. Betty Hutton made this whole show.

Well darling this is about all for now. I’m so happy to get away from Headquarters. It is always something around there, Now I’m in Service I got my own men, responsible only to me, nobody else. And with Russia fighting Japan and the new Atomic Bomb, things can’t last too long. Be good darling - I love you so.

All my love


I’m writing this sitting in a soft chair and it makes my writing worse. You can send packages to me again.


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