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August 4th, 1944

Aug 4, 1944


My darling;

You will have to excuse the pencil again. My pen is still dry. I’m going to have to find some ink someplace tomorrow for sure.

Well here is another money order. This time for $97.84. I don’t need it anymore so I just might as well send it on to you. It would be a lot safer there anyway. I still got twenty some dollars and that is plenty for me.

I bought myself a new pair of combat shoes yesterday. Now I don’t have to wear legging all the time. They cost 1-16-1. Can you figure that one? Well it is about $7.25 in U.S. money.

Received letters of July 24, 25 and 26 yesterday. But I got home so late I didn’t write you. We sure have been working hard about here.

Thanks a lot for writing Mr. Anderson. I sure did think that was ok. But this going to church business at Three Oaks. That is something else again. You know how well I'd like to lay in bed. Well maybe you won’t want to get up either when I get home.

In your enclosed clipping over Corp to Mrs. Kenneth Parsons you wrote Pearl Parson is expecting. Who did she marry. I sure did like that clipping.

C.E. Schwartz is one of the fellows you met in Benning. George is the one from New York. I know you have met both of them. If you can’t figure this out it is a answer to a question in your letter.

Honey I’m very surprised you never received any letter about my London trip. Well anyway, I’ll tell you generally what Bill & I did. We went there to the War Imperial Museum, House of Commons, Lord. Saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Tower and Westminster Abbey. We even saw a buzz bomb. Quite a lot for one day. I’ll tell you more about the place when I get home.

Honey I must of wrote you some mix up. Borcherding was going to Headquarters and I was taking over Service if Williams didn’t return. He did and everyone is the same.

Well darling I’m going to close I got a lot of work to do tomorrow and it is already midnight so six P.M. for you. If I was home I would be asking for something to eat. Be good I sure wish I could come home. Honey don’t plan on me for Christmas. You know I’l still be in the country or others until the war is over. I love you very much. And Betty while I’m gone you can do as you like with the monies.


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