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August 2nd, 1944

Aug 2nd Wed


My darling;

Please excuse the pencil as my fountain pen is now dry and I do not have any ink here in my room.

Received your pictures honey. Here is my impression. I hope they don’t shock you. The one in which you are smiling is the best. That one is OK. Now the sober one you look thirty years old. And the one you are looking up. Well you sure make a good looking church member in it. Why did you look up. I much rather have you look straight at me. Any way I was very glad to get these pictures. Are more coming now!

Honey I’ll be sending home some more money this week. I've got paid and there is really nothing to buy in this country. Prices on articles are up to ours and on top of that a 100% tax. So I can’t see me throwing the money away. Betty I would like to know how much we have in the bank. (Guess I’m always interested in that.)

Received a letter from Aunt Ruth yesterday. Surprised me very much but still no letter from you for some time. Your mail better be just held up.

Lee was over and said he had a little daughter. Give my regards to Clem. Tell her I thought it was damn nice.

Borcherding is in the field tomorrow. So everything will go much better for me. Although I really have my work cut out for me.

Well Janey, I got to close. Sure would like to see you. I am still hoping this damn thing will fold up so I can come home. I want you very bad.

All my love



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