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August 24th, 1945

24 August 45


My darling;

I didn’t write last night honey and I don’t have any more to say tonight. As I have yet to receive a letter addressed to the 391st F.A. Maybe soon I’ll get one however.

The last two days we haven’t did anything. Sure wish something would happen. And not service practice. Janey can you give me Edwins and Richard’s address again. I’ve lost it again. And did you get the $100.00 money order I sent Monday?

Janey I sure wish I could get home before Xmas. There are rumors we may ship in either November or December. But the official date is still February. So anyway you look at it we should be together for our anniversary and your birthday.

Well darling, this is no letter but I got nothing to say. Be good darling. I’ll be home soon. All my love



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