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August 24th, 1944

24 Aug 44


My darling;

I tried for quite a few days to write you but there has been more things happen and more work to do that it has been impossible. I even thought maybe I would get some postcards and send you one of them each day I wasn’t able to send you a letter. How would that be. I sure wish I could do something to let you know that I was allright. Well enough of that. I’m still not allowed to say much so will not mention anything about the war.

Last night I put up my shelter - half a few yards from my vehicle and thought I would be safe from any rain that might come. Well just before it started to rain, the wind came. Blowing came to my tent and then the rain. Well to end it up, my tent lays in the ground and the bed-roll is completely soaked this morning. And ends ups, I sleep in the vehicle sitting up all night. So I’m not a bit rested this morning.

Larson rides in the same vehicle with me and his stuff is just as wet as mine.

Received letters yesterday of July 29, Aug 11., 3., 1, and July 21 and 27. Really a assortment if you are writing every day like you say. Betty you will never realize how a person feels here. Your mind is on home like it always is, your thinking of the things you would like to do. Yet you don’t have any idea of time. One day is just like any other day. Last Sunday went by and I did not realize it was Sunday even though the Chaplin did his services. I thought they decided it was time for that again. I sure be glad when this is over so I can sneak home to you again. For sure you will never get away from me again. And we sure are going to start our family. Betty I honestly miss you terribly. Be good and don’t worry I’ll be ok. Everyone is picking a date for the war to end. Well as long as the invasion started on John Doyle’s birthday, the war should be over on Mom’s. Be sure you remember her for us. The best I’ll be able to do is to send a letter.

I am waiting for your package. I sure do wonder, however, if I will ever get it. It seems to take a package a very long time to get here.

Betty I don’t save any letters over here. I burn them up. From a military stand point that is much better to do. I hope you understand.

Another thing it is awful hard to answer your letters. I receive them in every possible order and sometimes one letter is based upon another. So I don't quite understand it always.

Will honey that is all for today. I sure wish I could be home with you. I sure will appreciate a clean bed with sheets when I get them. I expect you to sleep with me too. Be good darling and don’t run around too much at evenings. It sure seems you are on the go all the time.

Betty I will always be thinking of you. I’m hoping for this war to be over.

All my love,



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