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August 1st, 1945

Aug 1st, 1945

Grenoble, France

My darling:

Did you notice my location? Well honey I’m not transferred yet as far as I know. Also honey I’m ashamed of myself for not writing to you for a week. Now I’ll be telling you about myself and what I’m doing in Grenoble.

So being with when I got back to the battalion they had a chance to send and officer to Grenoble on pass, I took it. I went to division and got a jeep authorized for the trip and away I went at 2:00 P.M. last Wednesday. 1st Sergeant Dykes is my driver. We stayed all night Wed in Strasbourg France. That town is not damaged at all and it was also very dead. Not a thing doing. Thursday we traveled all day and that night we stayed at Lyon. We had a pretty fair line that night. It also rain a little too. Friday we arrived in Grenoble and I have a nice room in the Savoi Hotel. There isn’t too much to due here except night club life, of which there is plenty.

Monday I went to Chamonix France which is in the Alps. And Betty the scenery there was beautiful. They only get about three hours of sun there because of the high mountains. There we could play golf, tennis, swimming and if you wanted to skiing. I did go up to the mount tops where we had a snowball fight in July. Kettering was the only other officer along that we both knew. It was really fun. I thought of you very much and hope someday I may return with you with me. I know you would enjoy the trip. There is one thing I think would scare you, it did me, and that was a cable-car ride from one mountain top to another mountain. It took 8 minutes to go and at one time the closest earth to you is 2,000 feet. Boy the seems worst then an airplane honey.

We also went up to the Mer de Glace. Which means lake of ice. Card #12 shows you the lake. All I had was a plane pair of shoes. And as this was all ice I spent more time on the seat of my trousers than I did on my feet. There were a few nurses with us on that trip and we had lots of fun with them. There silk panties weren’t very good insulation against the ice and fun sure when they fell the skirts would go up over there heads.

Today I came back to Grenoble and spent the day looking for something to buy. Prices are way out of reason. I’m trying to find you some gloves which Grenoble is famed for. So far no luck - Please don’t plan on receiving any. I’ll do my best.

Friday morning I’m starting back for Wallhaussen. Plan on being there Sunday. Should have lots of mail when I arrive.

Be good darling. I hope I come home soon. I miss you a lot. You should be with me on this trip.

All my love



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