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August 1st, 1944

August 1st, Tuesday night


My darling:

I knew I was going to miss a day in writing when I wrote you Sunday. When I got home last night I went straight to bed. I was sure tired. Today was just another day at the office. Everyone was on edge, so it was very hard to work. But thank goodness I didn’t have any bad squabbles. The only one I had was with Borcherding and Stump backed me up on that so I got it straight.

Nally got a hold of some liquor last night and per usual was no good to anyone again today. Finally got him out of bed at noon. But he got away with it somehow. If I would do that just once I would wonder what would happen to me. I’d probably be tied up and hung.

Shirley is somewhat getting on Bill. Bill has been mess officer and not doing too much work. Shirley told me yesterday in front of Milner & Stump that Bill hasn’t been worth a damn since the states. You know what happens when things start like that.

Did you read in the paper that the official announcement about Lyle’s outfit was in France?

Wish I would get a letter today from you. Received one from Mom yesterday. Not too much news in it.

Well honey I guess I better close and go to bed. I’ll try and write a good letter tomorrow. As I’ll be in the office all day. I sure miss you and wish somehow I could give you a surprise of some kind.

Goodnight honey. Maybe I’ll dream of you tonight. Be good.

All my love


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