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August 17th, 1945

17 August 45

Matzenbach, Germ.

Sunday P.M.

My darling:

I guess there won’t be any mail this afternoon. I sure wish I could get some. I did get a couple the other day 22nd & 29th of July. What was the idea of your picture on the stationary? Where is the rest of the picture?

Now comes another thing. Farrell got a Bronze Star at the same time Fred Maye got his. They were issued after VJ day and both were for meritorious service, the same as I got mine. In regards to Farrell getting one for heroism that is completely new to me. But regardless of that fact Fred & Lee have the Bronze Star.

Now in regards to Fred or Lee either one of them have no chance for a majority as long as they are in the 7th. All promotions were frozen in units returning to the states, and only those that were scheduled for the Pacific or to occupy could promote. Now all promotions are frozen & neither Lee or Fred held a position in which they were entitled to promotion, so if anyone tells you that their recommendations had gone forward, you know the real story.

Betty I may sound critical at times, but why write your wife, of all people, and try to build yourself up. That seems to be what Farrell tries to do all the time. I have never told you one lie, I never intended to give you any misinformation so don’t take my remark too critical or in a manner in which you could think I was jealous of Farrell. My true & personal opinion of both Lee & Clem is to keep my distance from both. I really don’t care for either of them. As for Fred & Rena. I like both of them and would rather have you associate with Rena a thousand times to Clem. Enough of that.

Betty you don’t seem to be answering any of my questions or remarks in my letters. What’s the matter, no comment?

In about a week. That will be the end of all. All I want to do now is the minimum supply work and anything to lead to more comfort for everyone and get home to you. And when I do get there I will never leave again. I’ll never go away without you again darling. It’s been almost 16 months since we been together. A long time isn’t it Janey. Too damn long. Somehow we got to make up for all this. Any suggestions.

Well darling I guess this will be the end of this letter to the best girl I know in this world, and lets pray & hope that somehow we can get back together and live a normal life as man & wife.

All my love


Yes Janey I’m lonesome.


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