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August 17th, 1945

17 Aug 45


My darling;

I dated my V-mail incorrectly yesterday, so you got two letters dated the 16th.

Janey I haven’t done a single thing all day. Got up at Seven-thirty and went to breakfast. All morning we sat around talking about nothing in particular. And this afternoon I slept until now. It 4:00 P.M. with all this time on my hands. I think too much about home and on top of that, my mail isn’t coming thru at all. I haven’t received a letter for over a week so when I do, I’ll get a bunch of letters.

I wrote Aunt Ruth a letter yesterday so she will probably tell you about it. Let me know if she received it.

Betty I don’t think you better send me any Xmas packages. I am not sure where I will be so the best thing to do is have my Xmas at home regardless when I do get there. Honey I wish I was home now. What do you think?

Captain Shelton still hasn’t received any orders. He sure is sweating it out. He has 98 points. Capt Carpenter, 440th now 67th, is applying for regular army. What about that?

Well darling I can’t think of any more. I do anything to be home, this army now is driving me crazy. Say hello to everyone -

All my love


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