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August 15th, 1945

15 August 45

Matzenbach, Germ.

My darling:

Well honey it is all over. It really don’t seem possible. Thank god I out lived this war, but Janey many of times I thought it was all over for me. I really hope I never have to go thru anything like this again.

I felt pretty good today about the war until I heard the home broadcast this morning. And the comments made about the war being over made me so damn mad I turned off the radio. Captains Shelton & White felt the same as I did. It was a actually a disgrace the way they acted. I sure hope you were home and not in Chicago or with Clem. There were too many people killed over here to have everyone go out and have a new year celebration over it. All we did which I really thought was proper was had a shot (ten minutes) church service and all the officers had one drink after that and the toast was that we hope our children never get into an affair like this. Now we all are hoping to get out of this army. And the idea on how it should be done is the point system with nobody declared essential. I really hope I’m home by Xmas. But don’t plan on that honey.

Janey I’m so damn blue again tonight. I wish I was ordered home tonight. I want to be with you. You now & always.

For the last two days we haven’t did anything. And as it rained today everyone stayed at home. Maybe activity will pick up now.

We moved down to the house with the bath tub yesterday and it is a much nicer house. Everyone is more satisfied. I’ve really got a nice soft bed with sheets and I’m sleeping in pajamas again. I’m trying to teach myself how to be a civilian.

Betty, two days ago I asked you what your post war plans are. Now honey seriously I want to know exactly what you want me to do & what you want to do. Please be frank on this. I know this is a funny thing to ask but I really want to know. So let me have it now, please. I think you know what is my plan but if there is some difference I want to get it straighten out now. Do you want to be an Army wife, shall I return to Bordens, should I go back to school. Or should we be farmers, just what are your plans.

Be good darling. I hope somehow I get home soon. I need you very very much -

All my love



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