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August 13th, 1945

Matzenbach, Germ

13 Aug 45

My darling:

Only a short letter tonight. And most of that will be about our move. We left Frankfurt at 08:30 Sunday morning and came down here a distance at 150 miles and arrived here by 7:00 P.M. last night. There wasn’t a single event on the whole trip. This town is south of Crailsheim which is north east of Stuttgart. Hope you can find this on the map.

Betty I’m having so much more happier time in this battery than in Headquarters 489th. It is a relief to get away from a headquarters. I sure don’t miss Shirley or Milner. Schwarz is very happy too.

Our house we are in isn’t very good, so we found a new one in town this afternoon, so we are moving into this house tomorrow. The main reason for moving is that the house has running water and a bath tub. Well tomorrow we will know if we made a good deal or not. I’ll let you know.

Well Janey if the Jap’s should give up I should get out of the army. How do you feel about it all. Please write and let me know just what you think about your after-war plans. Please.

Well good night honey. Please be good and I sure wish I was going to bed now - with you.

All my love



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