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August 10th, 1945

10 Aug 45

South of Frankfurt

My darling;

Do you think the war with Japan is over. I hope so. Then I can come home to you. Return to normal life. And if this war is over, and I return to civilian life I’m going to be a father soon, and you a mother. Now isn’t that right. This time you better answer this question.

A few pictures I took in Heidelberg, you have the negatives at home.

Betty I am so much happier in this battery. The officers are Capt White, Battalion Motor officer, a Lt. Paris, Lt Merret, Schwartz, Harmon and Hall plus Shelton & myself. A lot of officers but none of them run around in German girls except George. So it makes a good group each night.

It is rained for four straight days now and we are supposed to move Sunday down near Hall, West of Heidelberg.

Be good darling, I love you so much, I should love to hold you tonight. I bet I dream of you tonight, I’ve thought of you so much -

All my love



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