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Asleep and Back

I fell asleep

In Brown County, Indiana

On the forest floor

Amidst the mist and the daddy long legs

I woke up in St. Louis

Where my father ushered me

And my entire extended family

Into his brand new

Super Sized

Toyota Previa

While heading south out of the city

We drove under a sky filled

With hot air balloons

We made it to New Orleans around dawn

And started walking through the city

Throwing back Bloody Marys

Trying to avoid fights

Before motoring home

Finally back in Ohio

I walked my 30 pound Wheaton Terrier Poodle Mix

To the end of our road

Where she found a bone bigger than her

Then sat down and started gnawing at it

I stood there wondering what animal was that big

Until my curiosity grew bored

Then I watched the traffic go by


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