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April 6th, 1945

6 April 45


My darling:

My pen has gone dry again, and I do want to write you a letter tonight. It has been at least six days since I wrote.

Well Janey before this rat race across Germany started I was at Bad Godesberg. That was on the Rhine. The car that I got there was finally taken away from me. It was a two door Sedan, very small. Everyone wondered how I got in the thing but when I did there was lots of room. I also visited the Dresden Hotel there which is noted for a Hitler, Chamberlain meeting. The wine cellar I told you about was in that hotel. Stump had some time there. One night Stump came in and spilled a ½ quart of wine on me. He didn’t mean it, he was so drunk, and he wanted me to have a drink with him.

Had three wonderful nights in town. Actually slept in a feather bed. I think everyone was as well set as I.

The reason why we get such a good set up is that civilians and soldiers can’t live in the same house: Therefore we had all the civilians move out and take over completely. How would you like to have an officer knock on your door and say I’m going to take over your house. Then tell you, you have an hour to get out and stay out. Well Janey that is what your husband does. Man, woman or children all the same.

Well after Bad Godesberg came the rat race. The news clipping I sent you today will explain that.

Bill broke his right arm. That’s all I know.

In regards to midnight curfew in the states. From all reports we get, and that includes Stilma, everyone is interested in one thing only, money. The more they get the more they want. Any thing they can do at home to take money away from them and make them realize that it is no fun over here, the government should do. We work seven days a week, and sometimes 18 hours at a streak. Just lately I had six hours sleep out of 72 hours. I was so tired I almost cried, and my work was not finished. My driver drove 30 straight hours for me and he finally just got out.

I’m glad you started the savings account. I hope we never have to use that money for anything but a permanent set up - such as a home, etc.

You ask me how much the perfume cost. Honey I honestly don’t know. It was made with some other purchase. I only hope you like it.

You sure have been buying the clothing lately. Guess you were the best dressed girl in church on Easter Sunday. Guess it a good thing. I’m making $362.00 a month now. Remember we probably won’t make that much money when I get home, so figure accordingly.

Well honey I’m going to bed now. I love you and miss you very much. I haven’t written mom this week either, but plan to tomorrow. I sure would like to come home. Maybe someday I’ll be lucky and get home. I love you very much my darling.

All my love



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