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April 28th, 1944

In March, as prior warning had been received of a move to a port of embarkation, an all-out effort was made to prepare the battalion personnel for overseas movement.

The 15th April found the unit with a strength of 28 officers, 2 warrant officers, and 504 enlisted men. All personnel were P.O.M. qualified and needed only to wait movement orders.

At 1800 on the 23rd of April, the 489th reached its new station at 16:35. Marching immediately to its new area, the battalion was closed in camp by 17:30. Morale remained excellent. The weather was clear and cool. From the 25th to the 2nd of May, there were strenuous inspections and all final preparations for shipment. After completion of the necessary requirements, 50% of the personnel were given 12-hour passes to Boston and other nearby towns. Morale was superior.

April 28 1944

Somewhere in Eastern U.S.

My darling;

I can’t tell you much now because we are under censorship regulations. The trip up wasn’t bad at all. Saw the city of Washington DC, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and the capital from a distance. I was going to write you on the train, but nobody was allowed to write and we were permitted to start at noon today.

I’m doing more of the same now that we are here.

Lu Furell and Gaulke and the rest of that units officers live with us. And last night it was quite something. It was about two this morning when everyone shut up and went to bed. And we all had to get up at five this morning. I'm awful glad I know most of the fellows it doesn’t seem quite so bad this way. I didn’t win or lose in poker on the trip up here. The stakes were too high so I just stayed out of all games.

As we were entering a very big city I had my dogtags and I felt something strange. Janey when did you put that ring on that chain. You almost made me cry. It was all I could do to hold myself. That was awful nice and so help me I’ll never be without my dog tags as long as I have that ring. Thanks a lot Janey. It meant a lot to me, and it will always mean the same.

I guess Bill is going to be able to meet his grandfather. At least he has made plans.

Janey be a good girl and keep happy. Please.

The food here at this place is terrible. For breakfast two pieces of toast, fried potatoes and greasy bacon. I didn’t eat. I should have stayed in bed.

I’ll try and write each day but I think of you much more often. You have my love and everything else.




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