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April 23rd, 1945

23 April 45


My darling;

Do you remember one year from today? I sure do. If you don’t it was the day you and I broke up housekeeping and I started for the E.T.O. Well thank goodness I’m the same now as I was then only a year older. Let’s hope I don’t have another anniversary over here.

Janey everything is okay. The weather has been very rainy the last couple days and everything is muddy again. Maybe I should get a pair of hip boots to wear.

We had this show “To have and have not” about a month ago. But on that day I was busy someplace and didn’t get to see the picture. From everyone’s report I should have gone. Maybe someday I’ll be able to see it.

Mail seems awful slow coming. Did get the box with shaving Cream and tooth brushes, plus some Chicken soup. Thanks a lot.

Betty how can this war go on? And do I have to go to the China, Burma, India Theatre? That is everyone's question now?

Well I’ve got a little more work to do, so will get at that. Janey you really don’t realize how much I miss you. I do anything for a 45 day stay at home with you -

All my love



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