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April 21st, 1945

April 21, 1945


My darling;

Today I received four letters, #140 to 143 inclusive. I was quite impressed with your description of the candle lighting service. 278 from one town seems like a awful lot of fellows. Three Oaks must be a town of women only.

Betty will you send me Zani’s address. If you do I’ll promise to write him a letter.

The other letter was about East Lansing, I sure would have liked to been with you. Does the school look any different than when we were there.

Was very surprised to have Emily in on your meeting. Is she still pretty stuck up? And where is Norma these days?

Now for myself, I’m having a little rest again. Betty it was more welcome now than any time before. Every time we come out of the line you wonder just how lucky you are. And if it will just hold out. I wonder if we will ever go up again? I sure hope not.

Saw Kassel, and Janey that town is worse that Achain. I’m wondering if all these Germany cities are going to be like those. Some of these cities are beautiful. They are set in the bottom of valleys and all the houses have red roofs and Janey it makes for a very beautiful sight.

Betty I don’t have Eddie Hayes or George Schwarz any more. I sure hope to see George but I’ll never see Hayes any more.

Janey tomorrow I’ll write you another letter. I really mean it. I’m going to try and write more often while I’m here.

Be good -

All my love



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