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April 1st, 1945

1 April 45


My darling;

Easter Sunday - I sure wish I was home. I might even go to church with you this morning. I hope everything went swell for you today, and that I really mean.

Betty I’m afraid it has been more than a week since I wrote you. But what a week. The newspapers at home are telling you all the news we are in so no need to go into that. The weather is still cold at night and it depends on the sun during the day. If the sun is out it becomes fairly warm and cold if the weather is bad. We are getting a lot of spring rain. Just small storms, ten to fifteen minutes, three or four times daily.

I sure wish I could sit down and write exactly what I think of to write. In the last week there are many things I would like to tell you.

Honey this is just one of those days when I can’t seem to write. All I can think about is you. Not writing. But how you look, how it would seem to hold you, kiss you, how you walk, talk and even what you would look like asleep. I’d do anything to be with you.

Betty I know this letter is short but I’ll get settled and write you a good long letter. Be good darling - I miss you very, very much.

All my love



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