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April 14th, 1945


April 14, 1945

My darling;

Please let mom know when you receive this letter. I’m lucky to get enough time to even write you. We have been going night and day and with today until 9:00PM and day light again at 0500 we sure don’t get too much sleep.

I’ll try to describe a typical day. Rise at dawn, the battery following at a short distance, get things in position. One day this happened five times. In addition to all this mail to censor, people to control I mean civilians, and houses to find for men to sleep.

Then there is your maintenance of vehicle, kitchen, water & gas supply. All take time and I have nobody to help me as they are all out or gone.

What I need most of all is about 45 days in the states with a reassignment to some Administrative job there. I’ve sure had enough of this. People at home think this is over, well actually Janey it is harder now than ever, the reason I guess is they are using everything they know of except gas. and god knows that I hope nothing like that will ever be used.

I didn’t know anything about Carol Penny’s Death, I’ve never talked to George about it. He is home in the states on leave, you know.

In regards to those chain letters with war stamps. I’ve thrown the damn things away. They are getting enough out of you and I now. I’m afraid when I get home I’ll have some mighty clever ideas, but whatever they are I’ll probably stay with it.

I’m glad you wrote that you didn’t expect too much mail. I write as often as I can, but I know that isn’t enough, but I’ll try to do my best.

Be good darling, tell everyone hello - Hope this ends soon. -

All my love



I wrote that letter so you could show it to mom. Now I can write the remainder:

I was surprised mom went to church that Sunday. But was really happy she came to your house for dinner that day. Janey I’d love to come home for a dinner and everything.

Sometimes I get so damn lonely that it seems I should just say the “hell with everything.” This thing over here is far from any picnic. But why bother you with my feelings.

I sure hope that I is the same when I come home as I was when I left. But some thing times you would swear the good lord was with you. I’ll tell you many experiences that I’ve had. Betty you don’t know how much better I have it than the infantry. Yet I’ve got awful tired of it all.

Be good darling. And keep praying that everything will come out okay. I miss you so damn much that nobody can ever describe. I’ll write as soon as I can again.

All my love


You can send me anything you want darling. I have no particular request.

Here is the balance of the pictures. Lee and Clem has the negatives.


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